Protective Boots

protective bootProtective boots are available as an option for Joyce Jacks and Actuators. They protect the lifting screw from dust, dirt, and help maintain proper lubrication. Standard boots, fabricated from neoprene-coated nylon, also guard against moisture and corrosive materials.

Adding boots may increase the closed height of the jack or actuator, depending on the end condition and the amount of travel (rise) required.

When customers require standard bellows boots on the screw jacks and actuators they purchase, Joyce will specify them as part of our service to you.

For more information click on the link  for the design and type of actuator below.

Contact [email protected] for:

  • Specific mounting options for ball screw jacks
  • Specific mounting for bevel gear jacks and actuators
  • Zippered boots
  • Boots for extreme temperatures
  • Boots for corrosive atmospheres

This Boot Material Chart displays optional materials available for boot fabrication. The physical properties of the boot material may affect boot construction, especially for small diameters and long lengths.