5 Ton Ball Screw ComDRIVEs

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5 Ton Ball Screw ComDRIVEs

CDB65, CDB125, CDB245

Joyce 5-ton ball screw ComDRIVEs (CDB) lift and precisely position loads. Upright or inverted, these ComDRIVEs operate at their charted capacity whether in tension or compression and are available in Translating, KFTN, and Double clevis designs. Travel speeds range from 3.34 to 26.29 inches per minute. CDB ComDRIVEs require two-thirds less torque to lift loads than similarly sized machine screw ComDRIVEs.

  • 1 1/2” diameter, 0.474” lead ball screw, 5 ton thrust capacity
  • Available with a variety of ratios
  • ComDRIVES can power an entire jacking systems
  • 230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 hertz motor is standard
  • Brake motor required
  • Joyce Dayton can customize to meet customer requirements

2D/3D Drawings

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Product Media

Jack Material Notes:

  • Ductile iron housing.
  • Steel protection tube.
  • Input shaft (worm), CDS.

Motor Notes:

  • 230/460 Volt, 3 phase, 60-hertz motor is standard.
  • Joyce/Dayton recommends adding a brake to hold position.

Sample Part Number:

Click on the part number to reveal additional informaton about jack designs and shaft codes.

Model Number

2- Ton Standard 5- Ton Standard 10- Ton Standard 10- Ton Heavy Duty 20- Ton Standard 30- Ton Standard
2- Ton High Lead 5- ton High Lead 10- Ton Standard High Lead 10-Ton Haavy Duty High Lead

Important Note: *Not self-locking, may lower under load. Brake motors or external locking systems are recommended.
H: High lead (2-ton, 5-ton and 10 ton only).
(For 25:1 ratio, contact Joyce/Dayton.)

Jack Configuration



End Conditions

(plain end)

(load pad)

(threaded end)

(male clevis)

Jack Designs


K=Keyed for Non Rotation

N=Traveling Nut

D=Double Clevis

R=KFTN Trunnion*

* Standard trunnion mounts available on 2-ton through 20-ton jacks.

Ball Screw ComDRIVE® Rise

Rise is travel expressed in inches and not the actual screw length.

Left Side Shaft Code

Right Side Shaft Code




Optional Shaft Codes

Screw Stops and Boots

Extending screw stops are standard on ball screw ComDRIVEs and they are not adjustable. When boots are added to ball screw ComDRIVEs, the closed height of the jack may be increased.

Geared Potentiometers

POTA=0-10V (IP65)
POTB=4-20MA (IP65)
POTC=0-10V w/2 switches*
POTD=4-20MA w/2 switches*
*Optional IP65 rating available

Encoders and Electronic Limit Switches

ELS2=2 Position Electronic Switch
ELS4=4 Position Electronic Switch
ELS6=6 Position Electronic Switch

ComDRIVE Reducers

Ordering Example:
P2 (Mounting Positions) A (Ratio) C (Motor code from chart above)

Mounting Positions
Code P1 P2 P3 P4
Left Side
Shaft Options
Right Side
Shaft Options
Code A
Code B
Code C
Size Code
1/4 HP K
1/3 HP A
1/2 HP B
3/4 HP C
1 HP D
1-1/2 HP E
2 HP F
3 HP L
5 HP G
7-1/2 HP H
10 HP I
15 HP J

All standard motors are 3-phase, 208-230/460 VAC or 230/460 VAC. Other motor options are available including international voltages, and single phase AC. Specify the appropriate motor size from the chart above. Refer to the “Additional Options” chart on the preceding page as needed. Brake motors are required for ball screw ComDRIVEs®. Contact Joyce/Dayton for other options.

Mechanical Limit Switches

Ordering Example:
LA (Models) 1(Number of DPDT Switches) 3(Available Positions)

Model Code   Available Positions
LS7-402 LI

Number of DPDT Switches

NOTE: Will always be 0 for LS7 models

  1 2* 3 4 5 6* 7 8
LS8-402 LA Left Side Shaft Options
LS8-504 LB
LS9-502 LC
LS9-503 LD Right Side Shaft Options
LS9-504 LE
LS9-505 LF
LS9-506 LG
  • 2, 5, 10, and 20 ton ball screw ComDRIVEs are available with positions #1, #3, and #5.
  • 30-ton ball screw ComDRIVEs are available with positions #1, #4, #7, and #8.

*These positions are not standard. Contact Joyce/Dayton with your requirements.

LS9-507 LH

Additional Options

  • X=Standard Jack, no additional options
  • S=Additional Specification Required (comment as necessary)


  • A=Split Nut
  • A90=A90 Design
  • A95=A95 Design

Protective Boots

  • B=Protective Boot
  • D=Dual Protective Boot


  • F1=Do Not Paint
  • F2=Epoxy Paint
  • F3=Outdoor Paint Process

Motor Options

  • M1=Less Motor
  • M2=Brake Motor
  • M3=Single Phase Motor (120VAC)
  • M4=50Hz Motor


  • H1=High Temperature Operation
  • H2=Food Grade

Screw Stops

  • ST0=Extending
  • ST1=Retracting
  • ST2=Both
  • Specify as many options as needed
5 Ton Model Number CDB65 CDB125 CDB245
Reducer Ratio 5 10 10 10
Travel Speed IPM 26.29 13.34 6.67 3.34
Lifting Capacity, Lbs. 1 HP 6,770 10,000 10,000 10,000
1 1/2 HP 10,000      
2 HP        

Important Note: Ball Screw ComDRIVEs are not self-locking. Brake motors or external locking systems are required.

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